Modern Agriculture has developed techniques like integrated nutrient management, integrated pest management, precise farming, etc. However while adopting these techniques too much interference is done in the life cycle of crops as well as other living beings involved in agriculture. This interference leads to imbalance in their internal vital energies. This imbalance is actually the root cause of various problem which we are facing today.

Vasumitra Life Energies Pvt Ltd has developed Sanjeevan Krushi System in 1995, to solve above mentioned problems. This system is based on principles of Yog Shastra i.e vital energy management. It is also based on the basic principles of Vedas & Upanishadas, in which they have mentioned about Pancha Mahabhutas or Five Basic Elements & Panch Prana or five life forces, of which all living beings are made of.

The ancient Indian sciences have postulated that all living beings have two basic energies i.e Self Nutrition Energy(SNE) & Self ProtectionEnergy(SPE). SNE is controlled by the energies of Pancha Mahabhutas & SPE is controlled by Pancha Pranas. They also postulated that all living beings including plants have capacity and intelligence provided by nature, for nutrition & protection on their own. The balance between these two energies decides the health of the crop. The balance is disturbed in case of biotic as well as abiotic stress. It is the question how this balance could be restored.

It was thought if there was imbalance or block in the energies, then it can be removed only by that source which is equivalent to the original vital energy and not by any nutrient /hormone/enzyme, etc.

Our ancient Indian scientists have proven in Yog Shastra that this source is solar/cosmic energy which eneters into body at the time of respiration. Solar/cosmic energies are stored in various herbs which work as primary source of these energies. Sanjeevan system identified various herbs and researched their role in inducing the intelligent programme of the plants as well as in removing the blocks in the energies of plants. In short we researched in vital energy management in agriculture. The potentised herbal extracts were formulated and were tried to solve various problems like inability for uptake/ absorption of particular nutrients N, P, K, etc, pests-disease attack, etc.